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3D Printing Updates

Since the world of 3D printing is growing and changing fast, we thought that we would bring you some of the latest and greatest developments in 3D printing. Check them out below!

Medical Developments

Obviously, the medical field has been utilizing 3D printing for a while now, but the latest developments are exciting! Currently, developers are working on creating a 3D printed kidney. While it is still in its beginning stages, there are a few labs that believe that 3D printed organs could be a life-saving development for those in need of transplants. If you want to read more, check out this article.

Also, a Russian printing company known as 3D Bioprinting Solutions has developed 3D printed bone tissue on the International Space Station. This is in order to allow astronauts to have access to bone transplants during long journeys.


Interestingly enough, footwear is an ever-growing development in 3D printing. Pictured above is Adidas’s new 3D printed midsole that uses ocean plastic (of course we love this!). But other footwear companies are utilizing 3D printing to create a lattice-styled sole in order to better suit the needs of athletes. Basically, get ready for better tennis shoes!


Wouldn’t it be crazy to own a replica of some of the most famous artwork in the world? Well, 3D printing is making it a little less crazy. Exaddon created a replica of David, but get is only 1 millimeter tall! Not only does this development show the detail and refinement that exists within 3D printing, but it could open up a revival in art history.


It is not just new products that are on the horizon for 3D printing. Dubai now holds the largest 3D printed building. It was created entirely by one 3D printer! How cool is that?


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