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Iowa Siblings Raise money for a 3D Printed Limb for 8 Year Old boy in Kansas

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

We love stories that have happy endings, so we are overjoyed to share with you a touching story of how two children got together to fundraise a limb for a child in need.

In the town of Marion, Iowa, two children, Jaydon and Mira Burke (Ages nine and seven), decided to do a bake sale during their parents garage sale. However, instead of pocketing the cash and buying a new toy like many children would be inclined to do, they instead decided to raise money for the Million Waves Project, in order to give a child a new limb.

Jaydon and Mira weren’t strangers to helping others. “We do it each year when our parents have a garage sale. We like to pick different places to donate the money to each year. We always have fun doing it and like to use our megaphone to get extra customers.” Jaydon and Mira picked the Million Waves Project as their next recipient because they “wanted to help kids that don't have hands and the animals by getting some of the trash out of the ocean.” So while mom and dad were trying to clean out the garage, Jaydon and Mira were yelling in their megaphone to get bypassers to give to our project.

The story doesn’t end there. Not only did Jaydon and Mira raise over $100, but we are also able to connect them with an 8 year old recipient in Kansas, who says: “Thank you for raising money for my prosthetic. I hope you had fun doing it! I hope to pay it forward!”

If you or your family would like to do a fundraiser like Jaydon and Mira, check out our website for ideas here. Thanks Jaydon and Mira for helping us make a million waves!

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