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Plastic Flower DIY

Looking for a fun craft to do with your kids that reuses plastic bags? Check out this fun DIY below!

Supplies needed:

● One plastic bag

● Scissors

● Tape

● Nail or something long and thin

This is a simple craft where you can turn a plastic bag into a cute flower decoration!

Step 1

Cut the top and bottom off of the plastic bag. Then cut one side so it is one long strip.

Step 2

Cut the long strip into 3, equal-sized pieces.

Step 3

Fold each piece into a thick, about 2-inch wide square.

Step 4

Make cuts to shape the strip as seen above. (I cannot cut well to save my life, but the aim is to create a heart shape with a rectangle at the bottom.)

Step 5

Unfold it and it should look a little like this.

Step 6

After you have done that with each strip, wrap the strips around something long and thin (I used a reusable straw.) Be careful to keep the bottom as lined up as possible.

Step 7

Carefully pull the straw out, and voila! Your flower is born! I thought mine looked a little thin, so feel free to add more strips if you want it to look fuller.

We hope you enjoyed this quick and easy craft for you or for you and your children to do!

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