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Plastic in the Ocean Reaches ALL Creatures

About eight months back we did a post about a plastic bag that was found in the deepest part of the ocean. Today we want to expand on that idea a bit and talk about how plastic isn’t just reaching the ocean, but how it is effecting the lives of millions of creatures of all shapes and sizes.

The Smallest Sea Critters

National Geographic just released an article that talked about how deep sea creatures in the Mariana trench were consuming plastic. A British research team found out that small shrimp in the deepest parts of the ocean were consuming plastic waste.

Photo Credit to Daily Mail

To the Biggest

It isn’t just small creatures, it is the big ones too. Whale sharks like the one pictured below are in danger of ingesting microplastics and dying.

Photo Credit to the Independent.

Not Just Sea Creatures

It isn’t just our swimming friends that are affected by the plastic waste. Birds all around the world are using plastic to make their nests (which can change the temperature and kill the babies) and ingesting it.

Photo credit to

The truth is, over 1 million animals are killed because of our plastic waste each year. We aren’t sharing these photos to make you sad (even though they are sad) but sometimes it is important to see the faces of who we are affecting by our plastic waste. We are trying to cut down on our plastic waste, so we are challenging you to as well. If you scroll through our blog we have dozens of articles on ways to cut down on waste. Remember, little changes make a big difference.


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