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The Update on Plastic Straws

If you have been following Million Waves Project for a while, you may have noticed some of posts about the plastic straws debate. If you want to check out our past posts click here and here, but if you want the short summary: we think plastic straws suck (pun intended), and the idea of banning plastic straws has been one that has caught the world by storm. Here are just a few of the most recent updates on what has been going on in the world of plastic straws:

Restaurants are banning them: Just today there was an update that KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell have all pledged to ban plastic straws starting April 2019. They aren’t the first to hop on this train, Starbucks and McDonalds both pledged to get rid of plastic straws earlier this year.

Airlines are banning them: Delta Air lines also vowed to get rid of their plastic straws and stirrers in an effort to cut down on waste. They estimate that this will eliminate around 350,000 pounds of plastic waste per year.

A Documentary is Being Filmed: ‘STRAWS’ is a documentary centered around the harmful effects that straws have on the environment. It is premiering at the Film, Art & Music Festival in Texas.

Hotels are banning them: InterContinental hotels plan to remove plastic straws from their hotels globally. This will eliminate 50 million straws per year.

A Campaign has Started: Skip the Straw, a campaign started by Plastic Pollution Coalition has started a campaign prompting people to opt out of plastic straws and find better alternatives.

Want to get in on the fun? Join Million Waves Project in our #strawlesslife challenge and post your photo of you living the strawless life. Progress starts with individual change! Try living the #strawlesslife with us and stay tuned for more updates on the world of plastic straws.


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