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Volunteer Spotlight: Alana Rodrigues

This is the first in our volunteer spotlight series where we highlight people all across the world that are part of the Million Waves team. This week we are looking at Alana Rodrigues, who runs our Natal, Brazil branch. Alana has been with Million Waves since the beginning. She has designed the logo, the website, and many other things in between.

She said: “I’ve always wanted to volunteer on a good social cause but never had the time to do so, so this was a great opportunity and I just jumped in on it as soon as I knew what the project was all about. Being a graphic designer and lover of all things art-related I know how much people pay attention to things that look good rather than things done in a whatever kind of way, so I think for me, I’m just trying to make MW project looks as good as I can since the project is so important to me.”

Alana saw the value in Million Waves because she saw how necessary it was. Since she lives on the northeastern tip of Brazil, she is surrounded by beaches, but recently she saw her beloved beaches become filled with plastic waste. “I was used to going every weekend to a river that is also against the ocean on Genipabu beach, and now that I go there I see water bottles, one time use plastic cups on the sand and it makes me sad and also very upset, especially now with all news about turtles or other sea creatures dying from plastic consumption.”

Since being involved with Million Waves, Alana has not only done designs for Million Waves, but she and her team have hosted beach cleanups and spoken at several events to promote the Million Waves’ vision. Even now, she continues to think of new ways to get people excited about something that she cares so much about.

Thanks Alana for everything that you do!

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