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Welcome to a great way to do something good and feel good about yourself at the same time!


The Million Waves Whitening Program is very simple. For $20.00 a month, you’ll receive professional whiting products delivered right to your door! Paid in full $57 Save 5%!


Having a bright smile is wonderful, but this is much more than that. For each person that’s enrolled, you’ll have provided a limb for a child in need twice a year.


If we can get 2000 people signed up, we’d be able to provide limbs to every single person that needs one within 10 years.


Sign up today!!


*Billed monthly, deliveries quarterly. Each delivery contains 3 months worth of teeth whitening gel, an update on prosthetic recipients and a fun beach-friendly surprise!

3-Month Teeth Whitening Subscription - Paid in full $57 (Save 5%!)


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