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Set-up Fee: $250.00 (includes keychains, display, brochures and training)


Upon enrollment, the business will receive a point-of-sale counter display. The display contains 24 Million Waves Project keychains and supporting literature.


The client/customer is enrolled via the Million Waves website using a specific office code from the brochure. They’ll immediately receive a Million Waves Keychain, as a reminder of who they’ve helped and the initial supply of whitening products.


It you are a dental office you can create a custom whitening tray in-office or the customer/client can use the boil and bite tray provided.


Every 3 months, the patient will receive a subscription box with a new supply of whitening products, literature about what’s going on, and fun 3d printed items created from reclaimed plastics.


In addition, social media updates will be provided to show your customers and community all the kids your business is helping.


The Program:


Loyalty and Business Builder Program


Designed as a complete retention and reactivation tool, the MWP Loyalty program provides people with a year’s worth of whiting products to be delivered quarterly along with other swag. The deliveries will continue provided the customers are regular with follow-up at your place of business and follow established guidelines.




Million Waves Whitening Program Business Enrollment


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