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The Eco Reusable Straw - Million Waves + Mentah! is a 100% Brazilian production and it's made of borosilicate glass, inert and thermo-resistant (the same used in laboratories). Durable and reusable (no waste!), The product has a thick wall and good resistance to breakage. With a 2x caliber greater than the traditional plastic straw, it's ideal also for thick drinks like vitamins, smoothies, etc.


It's more hygienic, do not adhere food debris (such as bamboo straws and other materials). Transparent, makes cleaning easier. Washable, autoclavable (sterilizable at high temperatures). It does not release paint residue, because it is manufactured with glazed enamel (where the paint fuses to the glass).


Say goodbye to the last plastic straw and help the environment!



Length - 22cm

Overall diameter - 12mm

Inner Diameter - 8mm

Thickness of straw - 2mm

Eco Reusable Glass Straw (MWP+Mentah!)


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